Thursday, February 25, 2010

Princess Bible Book Review

I have been reading God’s LIttle Princess Devotional Bible by Sheila
Walsh. I would say this is a book written for girls ages 7-10. Its features include Songs, Beauty Secrets (quick tips on how to be “beautiful”), Stories of girls and women on the bible who made a difference,Role-playing and Plays, Articles that teach manners, poise and charm, Ways to extend the lessons to family and friends and Values from the Bible that “every princess should posess.”

After reading through this book I found the plays to be easy to do with little props required. Thebook contains simple, colorful graphics . It aso has simple activities for girls at the end ofeverylesson to extend and reinforce the main idea of the lesson. I was disappointed that the Songs listed contained the lyrics but no notes/music. So I’m not sure how girls are supposed to do much with the songs if they aren’t familiar with them.

Then I gave the book to my daughter to read to my granddaughters. They are ages 4 and 6. The girls really liked it, especially the acting out parts. Their mom however was not so fond of it. They read before bed and it took WAY too long to get through one section/story at bedtimeAgewise, she thought it was more appropriate for the 6 year-old and older girls. The older onecould answer some of the reflective questions at the end. The four-year old didn't seem to get those quite yet.

I would recommend the book for girls ages 7-10. They would be able to read the book on their own and then with help from an adult could put on the plays, discuss the reflective questions and do the activities at the end of each lesson.
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