Friday, February 12, 2010

Time to Detox

My daughter is training for a half-marathon. One of the things she is doing is a detox. She is a chiropractor so she knows the best way to do it. I did a detox two years ago and it does make you feel good when it’s done. (I don't think it's particularly fun while you’re doing it however.) So after seeing her increased energy I am considering doing one again. I’m trying to convince my hubby to do it with me. It would be much easier to coordinate meals.

While he is deciding I thought I would look for some easier ways to detox. I found some great information over at Here are a few of their tips for skin detoxing—a much simpler way to detox!

It’s estimated that the skin handles as much as 10 percent of the body's natural filtration and that our sweat glands can actually detoxify our body of as much waste as our kidneys. (hard to believe!)The skin works with our internal organs to cleanse itself of potentially harmful chemicals. The skin, if well cared for, can take on a larger share of the body’s detoxification process.

*For starters, it is important to eat a balanced diet of whole foods and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
*Saunas and steam baths work well for flushing harmful toxins from the skin.
*It’s also important to exfoliate the skin regularly. Dry brushing is an easy way to exfoliate your whole body.
*Hydrotherapy (with caution see their website for more info on this)

Contrast showers—showers that alternate between periods of hot and cold—are terrific for the skin. They not only improve blood flow, they have also been shown to help the body rid itself of metabolic waste, inflammatory by-products and other toxins.

Hot full baths should be taken in water from 100-113 degrees F. The objective of a hot full bath is to markedly increase blood circulation by using high heat. Hot full baths should immediately be followed by wrapping the body in a towel or blanket. This causes the body to sweat profusely and suddenly and is an extremely effective way of detoxing the skin.

*Apple cider vinegar baths are an extremely effective way of beautifying the skin. They are therapeutic and detoxifying: apple cider vinegar baths restore the body's acid-alkaline balance. (This one liquid sure has a plethora of good uses!)

Check out veria's website for detailed explanations of all the points above. Then give some of these a try and let us know what you think. Meanwhile, I'll keep working on Jerry to join me in detoxing. :)
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Hannah said...

good luck with the detox! i could use one as well.

Carol said...

I think I have picked out the 10 days for my detox. I'm going to wait until after hubby's b-day so I don't miss the cake. Can you tell I need to detox becuz of my sugar intake? :)


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