Monday, August 23, 2010

Give Yourself A Present?

One of my fav things is spending time at our local flower garden.

I read a blog article by JoAnna Rothman that really got me thinking. JoAnna decided to start giving herself presents. She loves getting presents and wanted everyday to feel like a birthday. (I'm guessing without the age increase!)She thought giving yourself presents would be like really caring for yourself.

She decided to do it for just a month. She didn't buy herself something everyday but instead made of list of things she loved like taking a long hot shower, putting on some favorite lotion or taking a drive through the canyons. JoAnna didn't include things like cleaning the house. While it did make her feel good when that task was finished, the actual cleaning was not a gift to herself!

After the month was over she realized it was very easy to be kind to herself. Small things became presents--like hitting the snooze alarm. It's now been over 5 years since she started giving herself gifts. She hasn't missed a day.

Well, I like presents as much as JoAnna does. So I'm going to try it too. I'm going to start with a week and see where it goes. I'll make my list of things I love and see which of those would be easy to give to myself. Since I love shopping, I'm sure there will have to be some boughten gifts too!

So...I dare you to try it with me. Let us know what kinds of gifts you are giving yourself.

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Jessica said...

What a cute idea! I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

Carol said...

Hey Jessica,
I've been in to it for two days now. My first gift was to let myself sleep in a little later than usual. The second gift was to spend a morning with one of my granddaughters. We had some really fun one on one time together! Today...I'm thinking of a facial! This is fun!


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