Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orange You Glad It's Almost Spring?

Are you ready for Spring’s hottest color? Orange! I have never been a big fan of yellow or orange. But I’m thinking adding a little orange to my spring wardrobe might be just the thing to lighten my mood. (winter has been excruciatingly long here in MN)

You may think that orange is a difficult color to wear, but there are so many different shades of orange that can look flattering and fabulous. Tangerine looks great against a golden tan or if you have black, olive or peach colored skin tones. Other shades like deep, red orange or a softer delicate orange or coral will work too.

If you’re concerned that citrus hues won't flatter your skin tone, keep them away from your face and opt instead for some bright orange accessories. Still wary? Try some orange nail polish, like POP Beauty Nail Glam in “Ablaze”. With jeans and a white tee and blazer, deep orange nails are the perfect splash of color.

(Really the only way you can mess up orange is to pair it with too much black, so that you look like you are ready for Halloween!)

Will you be wearing orange this spring?

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