Friday, March 4, 2011

You Are Allowed

I saw this awesome sign here reminding us of all the things we are allowed to do. Too many of us in our jobs and relationships are not allowed to be ourselves or use our ideas. (In my job as a second grade teacher there are many things that I am not allowed to do such as hug kids anymore)

I love the ideas on this sign and plan to post it where I can see it everyday. I especially like "You are allowed to start many things and not finish most of them." I do have several project in the works--maybe I don't need to get to all of them. Or at least, allow myself to not worry about getting to them right now.

What do you think? Which is your favorite "allowance"?
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Denise from Beaded Embellishments said...

I popped in from Boost My Blog. I am Denise from BeadedEmbellishments and am following you now. I would love if you would follow me back. :)

I like to allow myself to be true to my own feelings.

My sister just interviewed me for her blog post if you'd like to have a peek:


Carol said...

Hey Denise,
Loved the interview! Your jewelry is just lovely. I admire anyone who can work in a chemotherapy unit. Your sister's country photo is beautiful.


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