Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are You Too Frugal?

We get a little newsletter from our credit union once a month. In the July newsletter was an article about being frugal. Actually it was about being too frugal.
Is there such a thing? Well, the newsletter listed several signs to see if you are. I agree with some being good for our environment and others just being kind of dangerous or unethical. Here are some examples:

*Do you reuse coffee grounds for a second pot?

*Do you use sandpaper to re-sharpen disposable razor blades?

*Do you wash your plastic eating utensils to reuse them? (We sure do. When we picnic we just bag them up, bring them home and wash.)

*Do you snap the inedible parts of greens before you bring them to the register in the grocery store to pay?

*Do you swap burnt light bulbs at work or in hotels for working ones?

*Do you enforce limited, timed showers in your house?

These are just a few items from their list. I couldn't believe the one about the light bulbs. I don't think that is being frugal, that's more like stealing. Since I teach my second graders all about reduce, reuse and recycle, I feel that I have to be a good example. Thinking green and being kind to our environment doesn't necessarily make us "too frugal".

Do you have any tips for being frugal--a happy medium frugal?
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