Monday, January 7, 2013

Choose Happiness and Tell About It

I saw this on the internet and I had to share it because I love it! How many times have we heard someone complain and we wish we could be anywhere else but listening to them. Then you realize you have been doing the same thing.
I've seen many people post on Facebook about choosing happiness. It's just as easy as choosing not to be happy. I'm realizing life is too short to spend my time being sad and/or depressed and/or feeling sorry for myself. It's time to stop dwelling on my problems and start sharing my joys.
So here grandchildren give me great joy. The first time the oldest one could actually say "grandma", my heart just about burst. The flowers in my gardens give me great joy. Not only because sometimes they surprise me when they reseed in the spring but I see that life,like my plants, continues on even after the cold and dark. My camera gives me joy. I am just a very beginning photographer but every once in a while I capture something/or someone beautiful and that makes me so happy. Playing piano gives me joy. Again, I am just an amateur but playing whatever song strikes my fancy can really lift my mood. My husband gives me joy. He is kind, patient with me and enjoys the uniqueness of people. He is definitely my better half. Running and walking along the ocean brings me joy. I can't explain it but being by the water just somehow fills my soul.Writing this blog gives me joy. I am free to express myself, offer tips and ideas and have fun reading your comments.
Whew, maybe that's enough talking about joy for one post.
Tell us please, what gives you joy?
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