Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Word of the Year for 2012

Every year I read about people having a special word to carry them through the year. Every year I think about doing it but that's just what it was...a thought. So this year I have actually, really picked my own word for the year..."Goodness".

I think it was brought on by the shootings at Sandy Hook. I am a newly retired second grade teacher and the horror that took place there shook me to my core. I cried for the principal, the teachers, the students, the parents and the community members that will never be the same. I simply could not believe there could be so much darkness and evil taking place right before Christmas!

So that brings me to my word. How to make any sense of this tragedy? Can't. Maybe you saw the quote from Fred Rogers that has been circling around the Internet. The one about "looking for the helpers"?That is what I want to be this year. Someone's "helper". If I (and maybe you'd like to join me) can add some goodness to this world I can help to keep His light shining. I don't understand it but I am going to trust God.

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