Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Morning Runners!

While on vacation here in FL I have been out running almost every day. It's amazing the different reactions I get as I run. Yesterday a sweet little man greeted me with "Hello, Missus". Today from a lady I passed and then came back to see her again greeted me with "Have a good day!". Some folks nod at me. A few shy ones will do a little wave. Once in awhile I'll get a "Good Morning". However, it amazes me that so many other people ignore me, scowl at me or look away as fast as they can. I realize that sometimes I look pretty wiped out but I don't think I ever look angry or mean.

  Cars and bikes are another matter. If you are on a bike and you come across a runner please don't just sneak up on us and then try to pass us. Announce yourself. If you are in your car, be courteous. It might cost you a few seconds to let me cross the road in front of you but if you stop and let me pass it will be safer for me.

I'm not speaking for all runners when I say it's fun to have you greet us. I'm hoping that you'll give it a try. It could make someone's run (and day) a little better!
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