Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Unexpected Surprise

Jerry and I booked a trip to Las Vegas two weeks ago to escape this eternal MN winter. Come to find out,WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers' big conference) was taking place the same time we were scheduled to be there. Since I am currently just a hobbyist photog who really, really wants to be a professional photog when she grows up this was interesting news!

We stayed at the Excalibur which is just across the street from the MGM where the conference was taking place. Jerry was a good sport and walked with me over there to get a glimpse of the goings-on. Since we weren't registered we couldn't do more than walk around some of the public places but we got to see some photographs, lots of photographers and some photography vendor advertising. We saw just enough to be a tease.

Heading back to the Excalibur we stopped at the Luxor for lunch. We were just about to order some fast food when I saw the lights and backdrop set up in a corner of the Food Court. Upon taking a closer look, we saw that it was a photoshoot for one of the restaurant's advertising. A hamburger was being primped and prodded just like a real model! Trying not to be too obvious and obnoxious I snapped a couple of photos. An unexpected treat for me!

We finished ordering and ate our food. They were still hard at it when we decided to move on. It will be fun if I ever get to see that Burger in an ad somewhere!

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