Friday, March 22, 2013

TLC for My Tootsies

Wow, I wish I had hair like Barbie... not! It would be one more thing to worry about as I train for this marathon. Last week I ran 6 miles on a treadmill at a hotel we were staying at. I had brought along a relatively new pair of shoes. I put in my orthodics (yes, I have old lady feet)but they didn't quite fit in the new shoes. (I'm sure I tried them in the pair before I bought them...)Anyway, I ended up taking out the insoles and running with just the orthodics.

Bad idea! My feet slid a little with each step on those orthodics. By the time I was done, I had two very sore toes that hit the top of the shoe,a huge blister on the bottom of one big toe and two small blisters on the heel of my other foot. Ouch!! To make matters worse we were in Las Vegas and to get anywhere we had to walk!

Luckily I had a pair of sandals along so my sore toes didn't bump the top. I put a bandaid on the blister and painfully went to see the sites. I couldn't wait to get home and try some Gathered From The Garden therapy. I had popped the blister(I guess that's not supposed to me a good idea but I couldn't walk on it otherwise.)and put a drop of Lavender Essential Oil on it. Then I got out the Flip Flop Foot Cream that Gathered From The Garden makes. I put some on my toes and feet every night along with a pair of socks. In three days I was feeling such relief!! It also helped the areas that were starting to callous and softened up my dry heels.

Foolish me--Gathered makes Flip Flop Cream in a travel size but I didn't think to take it along. It is now going to travel with me EVERYWHERE. And...I also have picked up some Body Glide to use on the spots that rub in my shoes but the best thing...I ordered new orthodics! Minser Chiropractic fitted me for full length orthodics made for runners. My feet are so excited!

I'm so hoping they come before Saturday. I'll be doing a 14 mile run that day. If they don't come, I'll use the Body Glide and keep the Flip Flop Foot Cream close by!

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