Sunday, March 24, 2013

Training Update

This is me (6241) two years ago finishing a 5K. Can you imagine what I'll look like finishing the marathon?

So our weather finally helped me out so that I could get a run in outside for a change. (Last Sat. I had to run 12 miles inside on the treadmill. Talk about a LONG run!)

Yesterday I needed to run 14 miles. I kind of fretted about it all week but I got myself ready to head out about 9:45. I told hubby I'd be back in a little over 2 hours. (2:25:51 to be exact!) It was cold starting out but the sun was shining so that made all the difference. I ran a really good 12 miles but by mile 13 I was starting to tire. I made it home and when I walked in the house Jerry was making himself lunch. He didn't expect me back so soon. In fact he said at one point he had looked outside to see if I was laying on the road. He doesn't have much confidence in me at all, does he?

Today I'm not feeling too bad. My legs need some rest but my toes are pretty sore from bumping the tops of my shoes with each step. I am in need of new orthodics and running shoes. I just ordered the orthodics so when they come in I'll get some new shoes. I've gotten some advice to get shoes a 1/2 size larger than I usually wear. That plus the new orthodics should keep my toes from hurting. (I also got some new socks that are supposed to help too.)

I'm still wondering what I got myself into. When I voiced that to my daughter she said to me "No one said this was going to be easy." It's certainly not. But each time I finish a long run I am quite amazed at myself.  It's the motivation that will keep me training and by May 18 I hope to be ready to run 26.2.

Do you have any training advice for me?

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Rana said...

You will be amazing! You are definitely my inspiration and I'm amazed at all the training you've done already. Stay positive and a little prayer never hurt! ;)

Carol said...

Support like this makes all the difference! Thanks!!!


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