Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Only Snakes We Love

At the mere mention of snakes I cringe. Actually I do more than cringe. I am deathly afraid of the creatures! I think it stems from when I was growing up. My family moved to a farm and when we moved in there were snakes sunning themselves all over the sidewalk. Can you imagine yourself as a young child stepping out the front door to that scene? Now you understand my fear and loathing.

So when the grands asked if they could make bubble snakes I had to pause for just a second. But after that second, I said "Sure"! So we did a little Google search and this is what we came up with.

You need:   liquid dish soap (Dawn works best)
                   glycerin or white Karo syrup
                   container for the bubble mixture (we used a dishpan)
                   empty water bottles (we tried different sizes)
                   old socks or fabric (we cut up an old towel)
                    rubber bands

To make the bubble solution Combine two parts regular dishwashing liquid (not the type used for automatic dishwashers though) to one part water. We added about a quarter cup of Karo syrup to our mixture.

To make the snakes find a clean, empty plastic bottle. While a 16 or 20 oz bottle will work the best, feel free to try any size bottle you want. Carefully cut the bottom off of the plastic bottle. Cover the freshly-cut hole with a piece of fabric that is similar to a washcloth or cotton sock. Use a rubber band to keep the fabric in place.  

Dip the fabric-covered end of the bottle into the bowl of bubble solution. Blow into the mouth of the plastic bottle and, before you know it, you'll be creating Bubble Snakes!   

                                                                         Good Clean Fun!

They were making long snakes, piles of bubbles that looked like snow and sometimes large single bubbles appeared in the bubble snake. They had so much fun with this--even the clean up was fun!
Too bad it isn't this easy to get rid of the real ones!!!

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