Monday, June 23, 2014

Along Came You-- Book Review

Along Came You by Karana Drummond, illustrated by Estelle Corke is a children's book I read and have been asked to review. On the positive side it's a boardbook which is great for little hands. It is sturdy and well made. The Illustrations are very colorful and realistic. 

 I read the book and then gave it to my daughter-in-law to read. She reads a ton of books to her two-year old. We both agreed that this was not our favorite book. There isn't an actual story but instead the author compares her life before and after having her daughter. Some of the comparisons are quite nice..."Before you, my world was quiet. After you, there is joyful noise." However, some of the comparisons seem a little condescending and not very nice... Before you, I read books with a thousand pages. After you, I read your favorite book a thousand times." 

 It's not a book that very little children would probably sit still for. I think older children who would understand the comparisons might find the board book format very "kiddish". I would not buy this for my grandchildren and really wouldn't recommend that you buy it either.

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