Friday, June 20, 2014

Vacation Tips

 I would never wear shoes like this when traveling. They'd have to wait until we reached our destination!

Jerry and I will be traveling this summer with my sister and her family and again off and on with the grandkids. Thinking about what to pack, what to do in the car and other details could make my head spin or...I can use these tips to make the task a lot easier! 

 1). Pack less than you’ll need. Stick to things that look great on you in two or three colors. Don’t forget to pack things you can’t do without like Gathered’s Satin and Silk Lotion. 

 2) In life, the journey is as important as the destination. Don't schedule every minute: allow for the unexpected. Unplanned detours often end up being even more enjoyable than planned stops! (especially with little ones!)

 3) Take lots of photos. It might seem like an annoyance at the time, but when you get home you and those you love will be glad you did. Make sure to pass the camera around so everyone gets a chance to document, and that way you're sure to "be in the moment." (easy to do using your phone's camera--even the kids can take photos)

 4) Play travel games. It doesn't matter if you don't have kids, remember when you were one? You're never too old to play them, and it helps the time zoom by whether you're driving or flying. Our favorite is "20 Questions."

 5) Go online and read the local newspapers for the areas you'll be traveling to. It's a great way to absorb the local color and learn about local events. has listings of 10,000 newspapers from around the world.

 Are you traveling/vacationing this summer? Wishing you safe travels and lots of wonderful memories!
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