Sunday, December 27, 2015

In the Grip of Winter


     After running outside this week in very old temps I have had to take extra care with my skin. For those of you who like me, live in a cold climate, it is important to keep in mind that you need to adequately protect your skin from the cold weather and to supply moisture in abundance during this time, since artificial climate control robs your skin of a great deal of moisture. 

     Although few of us will suffer frostbite because of cold weather, (although I saw a runner today with nothing on her head or ears and it was about 8 degrees with a wind) it is best to ensure that you are properly clothed, and the addition of a hat or woolen cap will help prevent loss of body heat, since a large portion of heat is lost through the head. But talking about frostbite, if your skin turns splotchy white with red patches around it, and it hurts, then it is time to come in from the cold real quick, because you might then be starting pre-frostbite, which can play havoc with your skin. 

     In beauty care many people think that it is good enough to slather their faces with creams and lotions, yet pay little or no attention to their water intake. Your skin needs water, and for a great looking skin you should make a point to drink enough water every day. 

     On a different note - if you are undertaking any air travel at this time of the year, (lucky you!) also remember to drink lots of fluid, and try to stay off any alcoholic beverages when flying, as it will act as a diuretic and you will lose even more fluid. The cabin air in pressurized aircrafts is very drying, since it contains very little moisture - so also add a good moisturizing cream or lotion when flying.

     Hope you had a magical Christmas!

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