Saturday, December 5, 2015

Simplify the Holidays

Here are some ideas to help make your December a month to enjoy, not dread… Simplify your holidays! 

*Give gifts only to those you WANT to 
*Remember you don't' have to do it all.. You don't have to bake cookies, buy for everyone, decorate the house, spend time with all relatives.. UNPLUG and let others take care of you 
*Surround yourself with color and positive things--Poinsettias are bright and beautiful--Find a great CD and play it as loud as it goes * Surround yourself with people and activity 
*Call your treasured friends
*Reconnect with old friends and family
*Ask for hugs. give hugs 
*Change traditions but keep some things the same
*Give a gift from the heart, such as a coupon or letter from you, instead of shopping from a list
*Go to movie after Christmas dinner 
*Give small gifts to those who have supported you
*Visit and volunteer: a children's hospital, a soup kitchen, work with a church in the community 

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