Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Body Images

I just returned from a wonderful vacation to Miami and Key West. This included visits to the local beaches. I was really surprised at how the girls and women were dressed/not dressed. I guess my age really shows. When I was younger, "plump" gals very rarely ever wore a two piece swimsuit much less a bikini. What I saw on vacation was that anyone can and did wear bikinis!

What does this say about body image? To me, it seemed like these girls and women were very confident in how they looked (0r didn't care?). I think being comfortable with your body image is a good thing but it wasn't very pleasing to my eyes to see very overweight women wearing skimpy little bikinis. I'd much rather see them wearing something that looks attractive on them.

Am I alone in this thinking? Should girls and women expose their fat rolls and cellulite for all to see or is a little cover-up a good thing? What's your opinion?
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