Sunday, February 8, 2009

Little Girls and Mom's Make-up

Little girls have always loved to play with mom's make-up. I think this is especially true with the influence of tween stars like Hannah Montana and the commercial influence of make-up marketing to girls as young as three. I know my own granddaughters love to put on lip gloss and nail polish.

How safe are these cosmetics for little girls? Environmentalists are concerned about exposing children to chemicals found in these products. According to "Taste For Life" magazine The Environmental Working Group found toxins in the blood and urine of female adolescents after the use of several cosmetics. On average, the girls, ages 14-19, tested positive for 13 hormone-disrupting chemicals each. Parabens, commonly used as cosmetic preservatives, were detected in every girl tested. This is a concern because during teen years is when brain and reproductive systems are developing.
While it remains unclear how dangerous these toxins are, the group advises teens to:
*Reduce the number of beauty products they use.
*Use paraben-free skin products, shampoos and sunscreens. Parabens can mimic estrogen, interfering with reproductive health and some studies have linked them to breast cancer.
*Seek out fragrance-free beauty products and to reduce exposure to phthalates, linked to a host of medical problems including infertility issues.
*Avoid products labeled “antibacterial” particularly hand soaps with triclosan listed as an active ingredient on the label. Use regular soap and water instead. Triclosan has been found to disrupt the thyroid system, which can affect brain development in the young, and is suspected of contributing to the development super-strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
*Use the EWG’s Shopper’s Guide for more informatio to guide your product choices. EWG also maintains the public Skin Deep database to help consumers find safer products. ed in minute amounts, really are, scientists worry that their effects could compound over time.This is a concern because during the teen years is when the brain and reproductive systems are developing.

Two Connecticut moms have launched a skin care line called "Good For You Girls". ( These products are specifically formulated for young skin with no synthetic chemicals. This fun website has three products to order: cleanser,toner and moisturizer. It also lists beauty tips for girls. When my granddaughters get old enough to use these products I'll be sure to have them check out this site!
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Anne-Marie said...

This is good information and something to really think about! Thanks for the link to "Good for You Girls"- really cute!

Cents in the Cities said...

Thanks so much for this information! My daughter loves to put on makeup for fun, and I never even considered the safety concerns. You've got me thinking! Thank you! Great information on your blog! Jen


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