Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bold, Red Lips?

I always think that red lipstick makes the wearer look so sexy and confident. However, I've been a little nervous about wearing it myself. But I found some good tips for finding and putting on the right shade of red for you.

*Choose a color based on your undertones. If your skin is olive, orangey reds work best. If your skin has pink undertones,try blue-based reds. True reds are the ones that make your teeth pearly white and actually look good on everyone. If you're red-shy,try berry tones, wine or plum shades.

*If you want your reds to look really perfect, match your liner to your lipstick.

*Here's a tip to keep lipstick off teeth. Apply your shade, then place a clean finger in your mouth, purse your lips and pull your finger out along with any excess color.

*Test on your lips. Most women try out lipstick on their hands, but that's often a different shade than your face. Head to a makeup counter to test directly on your lips, scraping a bit of color off with a Q-tip.

*When you wear red lipstick you probably should stay away from red nail polish. This is because your nails can clash with your lips, or they can create a look that is too harsh. To keep things feminine and soft you should try using a clear polish, a French manicure, or a neutral color on your nails.

*Prevent "bleeding" by applying a little concealer around the border of your mouth.

*Don't toss a red lipstick in a shade that doesn't work. "Top it with a gold gloss to warm and soften it, or add a pink gloss to take it to the bluer side

*The great part about wearing red lipstick is that then you can keep the rest of your look subtle and natural-looking. Just a light bronzer on the cheeks and a little mascara and eyeliner should do the trick.

I'm happy to announce that the winner of our lotion gift will go to Rana Pickering. Thanks everyone for your great cheap beauty tips!

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