Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Pink Tree

I came across this site and thought it was a good way to get your products reviewed and at the same time do something good for a charity. It's called the Pink Tree. Here is what it is all about:

Welcome to The Pink Tree, product review site. The concept is simple, send your small products in for review, their picture will be taken, a review will be written about you (your company) and the product, and you will have the satisfaction of seeing your product numerous times in the review pictures. Readers will be able to do a back search for the other products shown on the tree.When the tree is full, certain products can be donated to proper charities, in your company's name.It is a simple concept that can bring joy and publicity to your company.

You can donate any items that a woman or child would like. It doesn't have to be bath and body products (like those from Gathered From The Garden). You can send anything creative that you make. The Pink Tree will give you credit and some PR. So...what could you send?
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