Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Bucket List

I have stopped and smelled the roses this summer.

I was reading a post at Rebekah's blog about her Summer Bucket List. It made me think about how fast my summer is going too and all of the things I want to accomplish yet. So I made my own Summer Bucket List.

1. Visit my 90 year old aunt who still maintains her own flower gardens.
2. Go see a MN Twins game in their new stadium.
3. Put up a vinyl quote on one of my family room walls.
4. Finish at least 4 of the books on the stack by my bed.
5. Trim out some of my flower beds.
6. At least once this summer sleep until I wake up (without an alarm).
7. Learn to frost a cupcake with a pastry bag.
8. Be able to run 4 miles without stopping to catch my breath.
9. Get a really good haircut.
10.Laminate and hang some of my grandkids artwork.
11.Clean up some of the clutter in our office.
12.Have a nice dinner with my hubby at our favorite Italian Restaurant.

Whew! If I can accomplish all of this by the end of August I will be one happy (and surprised)lady! I think I can do it but may need a few reminders to keep on track.
What would be on your Summer Bucket List?

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