Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Fun! Teacupcakes!

I just love these!!!
TEACUPCAKES by Fred & Friends… ultra-clever bake & serve cupcake molds that come with matching saucers for an “elegant” presentation! Great gift idea for your friends that love to bake – or for yourself, especially if you like to make cupcakes like I do. ($17.95/set of 4 at heliotrope)

Wouldn't these be cute used as “vases” for tiny flower arrangements? (I think they would be adorable to take when you are visiting someone sick for example.) Can you think of any more creative ways to use them?

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Gina said...

Those are VERY cute, Carol. Thanks for sharing that on FB (SITS). Cupcakes are SO popular right now, but I have not seen anything like this before. It makes me want to have a very girly tea party and serve these with cupcakes in it. Love it.


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