Friday, October 4, 2013

Kudos to Ford

Admiring their new Ford Flex

My daughter Rana and her husband Cody live in Colorado on the Front Range. While their particular neighborhood didn't suffer much from the rains and flooding the school Rana teaches at had water problems, friends of theirs lost all to the flood and many roads near them were covered in water.

This summer Rana and Cody were here for a visit and ended up buying a new Ford Flex. (a VERY comfortable car!) She emailed us this week and said they had gotten a letter from FORD. The letter said that in light of the devastating flooding in Colorado if they needed to have their car payments deferred FORD would be willing to work with them.

While Rana and Cody won't need to take advantage of the offer, it was very good of FORD to make the offer. It's nice to know that the big guys are willing to help out those in need.

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