Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Try it, You'll Like it---Spaghetti Squash

My daughter Rana is eating Gluten Free so she introduced us to this new menu item. Spaghetti Squash! I had heard of it, but had never tried it. (Truthfully, I have never really liked squash so I was a little reluctant to try it.) When we visited Rana and Cody in Colorado this past summer she gave us a taste. We were hooked but here in MN this squash is harder to find.
The spaghetti squash before it was baked.

Two days ago while I was grocery shopping lo and behold--I saw a spaghetti squash! I knew I had to buy it and try it. Rana's directions are to poke some holes in the squash. Then bake it for an hour on 350. Take it out of the oven and cut it in half being very careful because it is VERY HOT! Scrape out the guts and seeds. Then scrape out the squash.
The spaghetti squash out of the oven. See the seeds?

Not like long spaghetti...

At first it didn't look too much like spaghetti but as I kept scraping it actually became spaghetti like. We put our favorite spaghetti sauce on top. Dee-licious!! Hubby said he likes it better than real spaghetti. It's healthier too.

I kept some of the seeds to try to grow my own spaghetti squash next year. Rana grows her own but her soil and climate are a little different than mine. She can also buy them at her grocery store when they are out of season here.

You have got to give it a try. Oh my gosh, on Pinterest there are tons of great recipes! I'm heading back to the store to buy some more squash. (I think they keep for awhile.)

Easy, delicious and healthy. Can't ask for more than that!!!

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