Monday, October 21, 2013

Spooky Glowing Eye Hallloween Craft

I like decorating my house for Halloween. Since it gets quite chilly here this time of year I like to keep it simple so I don't have to spend a lot of time outside putting up decorations or taking them down. I spotted this cute craft here and decided it was easy and wouldn't take much time or supplies. I've been saving toilet paper tubes but paper towel tubes or wrapping paper tubes (cut into smaller tubes) I think would work too.

Supplies For This Easy Halloween Craft

•toilet paper rolls

How To Make Spooky Glowing Eyes

1.Crease 1 side of the TP roll and cut out 2 triangles.(or whatever shape you want your eyes to be)
2.Make a small hole at the top of the tube.
3.String the piece of string through the hole. Tie a few knots so it’s big enough to not come through the hole.
4.Tape 1 end of the tube shut with tape.
5.Activate the glow stick and put it in the tube.
6.Tape the other end of the tube shut.
7.Hang them up in the kids room or hang them on a tree on Halloween night!

I plan to stick these in the shrubs in front of my house. It will be a spooky look without being too scary for the little Trick or Treaters.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

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