Sunday, October 13, 2013

Still Playing With Dolls

I've been trying to build my portfolio. My dream is to become a professional photographer but maybe it will just be that--a dream.

My family is tired of me asking to take their photos so I have been looking elsewhere. My sister-in-law gave my name to a co-worker. This person has an adorable little 18 month old daughter who has never had her pictures taken professionally. I offered to do a mini-session for her in exchange for a model release for me and digital photos of her little girl for her.

Long story short...we scheduled a session three different times. Always an excuse. Today was the last straw. I had worked hard to put together some cute ideas/backdrops/props. I was also open to just photographing her little girl wandering around my backyard if need be. (Can an 18 month old sit very long? Probably not.) She emailed me with another excuse and no-show.

I was SO disappointed. I really wanted to photograph this little one. Being so cute I knew her photos would be a big plus in my portfolio. I couldn't believe that this woman would turn down a FREE session to get photos of her little girl. I guess not everyone values quality photos. Since I didn't talk to her I'll probably never know the real story. (Unless my SIL gets it at work.)

Well, I just couldn't let those sets go to waste. Since I couldn't find anyone else to photograph (and it was gorgeous here today!)I dug out my Cabbage Patch Doll. She hasn't been played with forever so she was happy to oblige although it's not the same as a real little girl.

Here are a couple of pics. Use your imagination to swap a live little girl for my doll!

My stand-in.

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