Monday, January 13, 2014

100 Happy Days

Are you too busy to be happy? A project called 100 happy days encourages you to post or email one picture a day of something that makes you happy, for a hundred days. The project is aimed at those who use social media and email a lot anyway – no one's suggesting that you stop what you are doing and head to your computer just for this. But if it sounds like the kind of thing you could manage, and if you're up for the 100 day challenge, sign up and enjoy.  If you simply want to challenge yourself to find something every day that makes you happy, with no pressure to post it anywhere, that would be great too. 

I'm going to take the challenge but I don't know that I will be posting a picture everyday. I'll certainly keep a list and if I can, I will take a photo. Maybe I'll post a few at a time.

What do you think? Could you find something that makes you happy every day for 100 days?

                          Day 1           Seeing a little whimsy on my walk this morning made me happy!

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