Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What Oprah and I Know For Sure

Oprah and I are the same age...well almost. I turned 60 in July, she turns 60 this month. In her recent issue of O magazine she writes about how she feels turning this new decade. It got me thinking about how I feel turning 60.

Oprah says she's glad she has lived long enough to celebrate this age. So am I.  Oprah says that at 60 she is healthy and strong. So am I. Oprah says she has earned the right to be who she is and to be secure in being herself. I agree.

Oprah talks about being in awe of how her life journey continues to unfold. She says her life has been marked by a series of miracles. That got me thinking. 

I am also in awe of how my journey is unfolding. I come from a family of 10 children. My parents are hard-working people. My dad farmed, my mother worked in a factory while raising us. I learned many life lessons growing up that I can still apply to my journey today.

Miracles...aren't those incredible experiences you read about in the newspaper or online. They are mentioned in the evening news. They happen in usual place to special people, don't they? Yes...but looking closer at my life's journey I think there were small and large miracles along the way for me. A miracle that I was able to take piano lessons (which I am grateful for) when money was so tight. A miracle that I was able to go to college (again money was tight). A miracle that I found the absolutely most perfect partner to share my life journey. A miracle that we were blessed with three healthy, happy children who have turned into extraordinary adults. A miracle that we have been allowed to live long enough to see our grandchildren. A miracle that Jerry and I are in such good health for being as old as we are. My list could go on. I think there are miracles all around us if we stop to recognize them.

Oprah says that she knows for sure that God is for us. He offers us extraordinary in the ordinary--just think about how incredible it is that our bodies know to keep breathing! Our heart keeps beating! It brings her to her knees with gratitude. I know this too.

Oprah says that she is approaching her milestone birthday with humility, supreme thanksgiving and joy. Knowing for sure "that grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home."
Oprah and I both know this for sure!!!

I have a feeling my 60's are going to be wonderful. My first year is off to a great start! I hope Oprah's is too.


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