Friday, January 31, 2014

Pace Your Race

If you've ever run a race you know that you have to pace yourself so that you will make it to the finish line. Life is a lot like running a race.

A runner that takes off at the start often loses steam before reaching the finish line. The runner that comes out a little slower may be able to pace herself so that she has a little extra to push to a finish line win. Are you pacing your race? If you rush along too fast you might be missing important life lessons and feel like you are running out of steam. A slower pace will allow you to meet interesting people and enjoy experiences you have. 

 Slow down your life this year and get to know people along the way. You never know how much they can influence your life. They can refresh you, inspire you and guide you. I am trying to say yes to as many opportunities as I can this year. That means being open to new people. For me that is a little daunting. My hubby can strike up a conversation with anyone but for me that is a little harder. 

 Stop and think about the people who have influenced you the most already on your life's journey. If I were to compile a list my family would be at the top of the list. So would my best friend Gail and some of my teaching partners. Usually the people you are the closest to have the most impact. However, sometimes people you meet in passing can have an impact too. I am hoping to meet some interesting guys and gals. (As we were driving I saw a homeless fellow carrying a sign that said... "Can you help?" and down a little ways the sign read, "Your ad here". Now there was a creative fellow! Wouldn't you like to know his story?) 

 You know people are a thirsty bunch. Many of us need a kind deed, a wise word or a shoulder to cry on. We all have a story to tell and we each have something to teach the world. Pace yourself as you run through life. Make sure you are not running too fast and missing out on moments around you. Just like in a race runners slow down or stop to refuel/refresh themselves. We also need to slow down or stop on our journey. You never know who you might meet and whose story you'll hear.
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