Sunday, January 5, 2014

Newborn Photography---Three Times Is Not the Charm

I have a really good reason for not posting here for awhile. Her name is Maggie Olivia. She entered the world and our hearts on Dec.15. Ever since grandma's been on a quest to get that perfect newborn shot.

                     One of the few sleeping shots of Maggie. Notice she is wrapped up.

To get ready, I watched Creative Live's class on photographing newborns. I studied Pinterest boards for the perfect pose and props. I bought a space heater and nubby blankets for texture. I watched YouTube videos. All I needed was a sleeping baby.

Take one:  Maggie at 6 days old. I brought everything over to their house. I set everything up while mom fed her. Yes! a sleeping baby. Slowly we undressed her and got a couple shots with just a blanket and then...wah, an awake baby! No getting her back to sleep.

My first attempt. She was wide awake!

A few days later mom and Maggie are over at our house. Again, a sleeping baby. I quickly set up a backdrop and get out some blankets and props. The heater is set up, I'm sweating and as soon as Maggie's little legs are out of the sleeper she is AWAKE! So, I take a few awake pics. But I really want just one of those barebutt sleepy photos!

                                                               My second attempt. Cute, but not sleepy!

OK, so I'm thinking it's never gonna happen. Then a few days ago mom and Maggie are over again. She is out like a light. I quickly get everything set up again. Heater is on, fireplace is on, heating pad under the blankets for awhile to heat it up. Mom starts to undress her guessed it. As soon as she felt the sleeper coming off she was AWAKE!  I mean really.

            This is Maggie at two days old. Wide awake. Guess that's how grandma will photograph her--awake!

I have come to grips with the fact there will be no cute photo of newborn Maggie asleep without her clothes. I do have sweet shots of her awake and a few of her asleep but she has her clothes on. Mom said she does not like to be cold. Maggie is most content when she is swaddled. It's Minnesota, it's winter...I can't blame her.

So my big plans to photograph newborns will have to wait until I have a more cooperative subject. Meanwhile I will enjoy every chance I get to hold Maggie all bundled up. If I'm lucky enough to get a photo of her like that, it'll just be a bonus!

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