Monday, January 18, 2010

10 Winterproof Skin Saving Tips

If you are prone to dry skin you need to give a little extra care to your skin this winter. Follow these tips for simple ways to keep your skin looking beautiful this season. (Taken from The Herbal Thymes Newsletter--from Greenridge Organics--

1. Use a Humidifier. This helps to place moisture back into the room especially at night preventing skin from becomming cracked and itchy.
2. Moisturize more frequently. Apply a heavy layer before going outside to the face and hands.
3. Accessorize with Gloves & Sunglasses. Just because it's winter don't forget those sunglasses! We have to protect our eyes as much as possible especially in winter when the sun can be very bright. Wearing gloves really helps to not only keep hands warm but plays an important role in preventing flare ups. Make sure to wear cotton gloves that do not irritate your skin.
4. Layers. Dressing in layers before you go outside helps to keep you in a comfortable temperature throughout the day and also prevents that dry/itchy cycle caused by sweating and overheating.
5. Moisturize after hand washing. Keep a bottle of lotion or cream in the bathroom or kitchen by where you wash your hands so you won't forget. Keeping those hands nourished throughout the day is a necessity in winter. I keep a plastic bottle in my purse of Shea Butter lotion (from a sampler we did a few months ago) for when I wash my hands in public places. Often times the soaps at those places are extremely harsh. Sometimes I even keep my own hand soap in my purse!
6. Exfoliate on a Weekly or Semi-weekly Basis. Keeping the skin fresh and exfoliated is the key to a moisturizer working its best. When our skin is invigorated with gentle exfoliation the pores are clean so impurities and dirt cannot get in the way.
7. Butter your Lips. Ah, the area of our face that can really take a beating. Usually dry lips are a first sign of dehydration. Exfoliating your lips (with our Kiss me over the Garden Gate Lip Scrub) first helps to remove dead flakes and prepare them for locked-in moisture. A toothbrush works too! Bring your lip balm with you all the time and don't lick the lips!
8. Moisturize after Bathing. Moisturizing five minutes after bathing helps to seal in moisture longer since the pores are open and relaxed. Water you bathe in (especially hot and soapy) strips your skin of its oils and starts the evaporation process. Five minutes after your shower your skin will be drier than before you bathed. Moisturize after toweling off before that water has time to evaporate.
9. Don't underesimate the power of a good soap. If you aren't using a natural soap but using our organic body treaments you are doing yourself a disservice. Organic natural soaps are the key to keeping the skin in its natural harmony unlike other harsh soaps that strip the skin of its natural protective oils, which in turn allows more rapid evaporation.
10. Find time in your day to enjoy a cup of warm herbal tea with lemon. A lemon helps with it's antioxidants and Vitamin C and it's nice to capture a moment of the day to help you relax, which will help your skin relax too.
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