Sunday, January 3, 2010

Forming Lasting Habits

Anne-Marie (The Soap Queen) writes on her blog about a New Year's resolution last year that became a habit for her. A simple one of flossing her teeth everyday. She saw the statistics that said she could increase her life by flossing. So she added it to her daily routine.

I think that's a great way to pick a resolution. Anne-Marie lists some ideas on how to go about picking goals/resolutions. She says they should be SMART. ( I'm going to follow her advice. Since I already floss my teeth everyday, I'm going to add exfoliating my face twice a week. I've read that it's one way for "mature skin" (yeah, a nice way to put it) to look a little younger. I've got ingredients to make an exfoliant that I would like and use.

So try thinking about those New Year's resolutions as a new habit that you want to form!
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