Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great and Ingenious Uses for a Tea Bag!

After our walk at the mall today (it was pretty cold to walk outside and I needed some new scenery and a break from my treadmill...) Jerry and I stopped for a cup of tea. He's actually the tea drinker. I just had water. But after reading this, I may have to start drinking tea too!

*Better than expensive face creams—for nothing more than the price of a tea bag, EGCG, the major polyphenol contained in tea, works brilliantly at reactivating dying skin cells. The vitamin B2, also contained in tea, has a stimulating effect on skin as well—making it brighter and more resilient.
*Looking a bit puffy-eyed? Try this old-fashioned method (still used by top models today). Lie back with a used tea bag over each closed eyelid for 15 minutes. When you remove the tea bags your eyes will feel and look great and you’ll be able to face the world without a concealer.
*Freshen your breath with mint tea.
*Get subtle highlights and lustrous shine for your hair. Rinse your hair in strong brewed tea to add gentle and natural-looking highlights. Black tea adds golden highlights for brunettes—chamomile tea is good for blonds.
*Use a tea bag to help with acne. Brew up a pint of tea then leave it to cool. Wash your face in it to soothe irritation and get to the root of acne.
*For a lip toner, just apply a warm tea bag to clean lips for five minutes.
*In a recent study, people who drank green tea burned more calories than those who consumed caffeine alone. Now is that a good reason or what!
*For fresh-smelling feet, use a tea foot soak. Tea is a natural astringent and the tannic acid helps kill odor-causing bacteria.
*Tea fights plaque causing dental bacteria. Green and black tea even help to fight cavities.
*Get rid of corns on your feet with used tea bags. Tape one on for half an hour each day (while you’re looking at Gathered From The Garden's website, or brochure) and the corn should be gone in a week or two.

*Tips taken from an article by Steeper’s—The Tea People. (

Are you a tea drinker? What is your favorite kind of tea? (Jerry had a green tea "Cinnamint" flavor today.)

post signature I found one more use--put a tea bag in your closets to act as a sachet!

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