Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Be Cute For You!

These were the words from Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo on Oprah's show today. (The show also featured Rita Wilson giving fashion advice.) Aren't those words inspiring?

To take it a little bit farther, I went to Oprah's website (http://www.oprah.com/) and read Rita's Top Ten Fashion tips. I like this one: "Trust your personal style." It's so easy to look at magazines or even watch Oprah's show and think about changing your wardrobe. One of the women getting a make-over actually didn't like some of the outfits they had picked out for her. So they finally found something she could wear and be comfortable in. I thought that was great! While I'm all for being fashionable, I think we each have to decide on a look for ourselves. (It doesn't hurt to solicit advice from friends and family though.)

Another one of her tips is "Your haircut and color tell people a lot about you." Do you really want to look like your high school graduation picture? What does that tell people? (Someone close to me still does!) One of Oprah's guests had gone premature gray. After coloring for awhile she decided to go natural. That is, until she started getting hit on by 65 year-old guys! She let Oprah's hairstylists color her hair a shade of blond .She said she's never going to be gray again. There are so many options for cuts and colors. Don't get caught in a time warp!

"If you haven't worn it for a year, get rid of it." You've heard this one before and so have I. But...when looking in my closet I found items that need to go.

Take a look at this short skirt! That should have gone years ago!

What about this vest? I loved to wear it around Christmas time--it has cute little holly berries on it. I tried it on and you know it doesn't even fit. Why has that been taking up room in my closet? You can't keep clothes just because they have some sentimental value...unless it's your wedding dress!

How about these shoes? Aren't they great? Don't you love the color? I can't even remember why I have gold shoes in my closet. A past New Year's outfit maybe? If I can't remember, then they must have been in there a long time!

Now to the title of my blog post. Another point they made on the show is that many women don't bother to get dressed up or put on make-up especially if they work from home or are a stay-at-home mom. 'Cuz you know, no one is going to see them. So...you don't need to always look good for someone else. Look good, be cute for you! Don't you deserve to see a fabulous women staring back at you in the mirror?

For more of Rita's Fashion tips you can go to Oprah's website. There are also more tips on looking good at any age.

Tell me now, what's been in your closet too long?

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Rana said...

What a great article! Not only do we need to get rid of clothes we haven't worn in quite some time, but it also feels good to donate those items. It's a reminder to me when the Veteran's Assoc.or the Epilepsy Found. send reminders in the mail that they are in the area and will pick up donations. What an easy and 'feel good' thing to do for yourself and for others.

Carol said...

A good motivator to clean that closet! But you didn't tell me what's lurking in your closet...

Rana said...

My worst was an old out of fashion sweater with droopy sleeves and strong hanger marks on the shoulders. That one should have gone in the garbage!


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