Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Bad Hair Day Captured Forever!

My future daughter-in-law Angela asked me to dig out some old family photos. While I had fun taking a trip down memory lane, I was really kind of shocked at some of my hair styles! I really thought I was pretty with it but some of those styles really weren’t the best for me. So I’m thinking, what should I be doing now to avoid future hair blunders?
I’ve put together some tips for anyone concerned about their appearance as they age.

*Take a look at a photo of yourself from 10 years ago. Now look in the mirror. If the hairstyle you see in both places is the same, you are due for an update. (I think we all know someone like that...) That doesn’t mean you have to go in for a completely new look—the fix could be as simple as tweaking your current style.

*Hair too long can drag your features down—kind of like the anti-face lift. Long hair parted in the middle sort of says you’re stuck in the “me” decade.

*Adding years doesn’t mean taking away inches. Plenty of mature women look great in longer hair. If you want to go shorter, keep it soft. (Sharon Stone has hers slightly shaggy.)

*As you start to go gray, hair can look a bit dull and washed out, so by getting your hair colored a rich, glossy shade, you’ll take 10 years off your look. Going too dark will age you. Dark hair against a light scalp makes thinning more visible. Try going 2 or 8 shades lighter or get highlights around your face. (Good Housekeeping magazine suggests adding “No Gray For Women” to your hair color if you color your own hair. It will provide much better gray coverage. Guess what I am going to try?)

*Take a good look in the mirror. Is your hair color the same tone as your skin? You may look washed out, especially in the winter. Choose a base color that's at least two shades darker than your skin tone, even if your hair is blond. (Notice Madonna going a few shades darker?) If you‘re too light, add some rich caramel low lights.

*As we age, our hair starts losing its luster. To help rejuvenate it, don’t use too many drying products on it, like mousse or hairspray. Buy a SHINE spray to apply styling. Shiny says healthy and vibrant!

*Even if your cut is short you can add a few wispy longer strands in the back to draw attention away from your neck wrinkles.

*Keep in mind that not only does your hair change as you age but also your face changes. (My grays are very coarse and harder to work with. Yuck) So choose a style that compliments your face and also is easy to maintain.

*If you choose to keep your natural gray using the right shampoo can take the yellow out and add shine. If you are more than 50% gray, use a shampoo that has blue or violet undertones.

*Bangs usually make a person look younger. Try putting your hand over your forehead when you look in the mirror.Then take your hand away. Which do you think looks better? Bangs that are full, not wispy and that reach the center of your brows are the best but side swept ones are attractive too. They can help move attention away from forehead wrinkles and draw attention to your eyes.

If you go to you’ll see a slideshow of hand-picked celebrity hairstyles that can make you look younger ....and those that will simply add years on.

(What’s the worst hairstyle you ever had? Mine—a very,very tightly curled perm. What was I thinking? Why didn’t the stylist advise against it? Why did I keep the pictures? Oh well, I’m the wiser for it I guess. Guess which pictures I didn't give Angela!)
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Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!! As a naturally curly haired girl I can appreciate the tight curl pics. Lucky those aren't being sent because they probably would have ended up on the table. Hee hee


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