Friday, May 27, 2016

Friends are Like Flowers in the Garden of Life

Gail and her husband Dave

 A while back I came across a lovely gift book at a garage sale all about friends. It has pages to record memories, important dates, and attach photos. I thought this would be the perfect gift for my best friend,Gail. 
     Gail and I became fast friends as college roommates. We had similar backgrounds and were pursuing the same major-- education. Gail was a year ahead of me so she was a great source of which classes to take and which instructors to avoid. We roomed together for three years until she graduated. 
      Gail is a little taller than I am, 6'0 or as she likes to say 5"12! I was dating a fellow (who I later married) who was tall and Gail always asked if he didn't have a brother for her. As it turns out, he had a tall, good-looking cousin. My husband didn't want to introduce them though because he didn't think they would be a good match. As luck would have it, the girls went to a dance and the guys just happened to be there too. One thing led to another and now Gail is married to my husband's cousin! We knew we never wanted to lose touch! 
     We have been friends for over 30 years. We've been through good times and not so good times. Gail has always been there for me. I consider her one of my greatest blessings. I hope we both live long healthy lives (Gail found out this year that she had breast cancer but after radiation treatments is doing well.) and end up being spunky old ladies together. 
     Thinking about Gail made me think about my mother. She has had just the opposite experience. She doesn't have any good friends, much less a best friend. My mom came from a very large family and for the most part they were her friends. I feel bad that she has never had anyone her age to confide in, laugh with or just be herself. She told me once how much she envied my friendship with Gail. 
      So think about your best friend(s). When was the last time you let them know that you truly appreciated them? Don’t lose touch, you’ll lose so much! post signature
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