Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tips for a Great Party

 There are lots of outdoor parties and picnics Prthrown in the summer. Graduation,bridal showers,birthdays,anniversaries,Fourth of July and just plain old let's invite the friends over.      Here are some tips for you to throw a great party no matter what the occasion is:

*No need to worry about food spoiling. Take a little kid's swimming pool and fill it with ice. Set your bowls of food on top to help them stay cold.

*We used to freeze empty milk cartons for blocks of ice but using frozen water balloons would be much more fun and colorful!

*Having a bottle of hand sanitizer for your guests handy near the food is a good idea. Or...how about filling a drink jug with a spout for washing. Put a soap dispenser, paper towels and a trash for the used towels nearby.

*Guests about to arrive and you forgot to chill the wine? Use these 3 quick steps if you are short on time! 
1. Place bottle in wine bucket and fill with ice. 
2. Add two handfuls of salt (that’s the secret ingredient). 
3. Wait 6 minutes, serve and enjoy!

*Have your guests label and use the same glasses throughout your party. 

*You can buy a few inexpensive disposable cameras and let kids serve as official event photographers.

*Weather people are forecasting a heat wave? Buy a pack of inexpensive washcloths from a dollar store, roll each up and secure with a rubber band, then toss into a cooler of ice water for guests to grab. (The best cooling points are the neck and wrists, where large arteries run close to the skin.)

*Purchase inexpensive cups and straws to help keep the  little ones from spilling their drinks and attracting insects to the party.

*Pre-cut fruit such as watermelon into small slices and insert a popsicle stick into the rind. This will make eating it a little less messy.

     There you have it. Now you need to get family and /or friends together and PARTY!!!
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