Friday, May 6, 2016

Skin Care for Kids

Our last post was for teens but we can't forget the little ones! A skin care regimen for kids is important to protect them from the sun and bugs, as well as to ensure they are properly cleaning and moisturizing their skin. (Some of this is just using common sense.)

Following are tips on skin care for kids: 

Sun Care 
Apply sunscreen daily to all children 6 months of age or older. Keep infants out of the sun. Use a sunscreen designed for kids - one that contains a sun blocker such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen for older kids - one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays - with an SPF of 15 or higher. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to exposure, then re-apply every 2 hours. Lead by example and be a role model for your kids by applying sunscreen to yourself to teach healthy habits.

Bug Protection 
Apply insect repellent to all children 12 months of age or older. (For babies it is recommended to spray a blanket.) If you are in an area with a high concentration of mosquitoes dress or pack appropriately. The best protection is from clothes, like long sleeves, pants, a hat and sunglasses. Extra clothing can also help protect against poison ivy and poison oak. 

Bath Time 
Use a fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic, cleanser. Limit your usage of bubble baths and bath products with fragrances and colors as these tend to dry out children's skin. Avoid scrubs and cleansers with exfoliants. These tend to dry and irritate children's skin. Apply a thick moisturizer just after bathing, to seal the remaining moisture into the skin for better hydration. 

Hand Washing 
Washing hands correctly will help protect against many bacteria and viruses. Start by washing hands in warm water for at least 15 seconds. Using soap, rub hands together vigorously, paying particular attention to the areas between your fingers and under your fingernails. Dry hands with a clean dry towel. If you're in a public restroom, use a paper towel to turn off the taps and open the door. 

Act quickly to reduce the severity of a bruise. Bruising is caused by broken blood vessels under the skin. Applying ice as soon as your child is injured can help reduce the bleeding and swelling. 

Don't put anything on a burn except cold water. Ointments and other lotions may increase your risk of infection. Also, leave the burn uncovered. This will help it to heal faster. 

Cuts and Scrapes
Most minor cuts and scrapes will quickly heal with proper care. But for those that won't stop bleeding, that have debris in the wound that you can't remove, or that are on the face, you should seek medical advice. (A little Witch Hazel poured on small bleeding wounds will make the bleeding stop.) 

Excerpts taken from an article by Hilary Basile.( she is a writer for) and from an article at post signature
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