Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It Must Be Spring!

      I have an acquaintance that doesn't shave her legs all winter. We know it must be spring when she announces that she's shaving again!  (Many women dread the return of summer, when their leg-shaving skills are put on display.) Here are some helpful shaving tips. 

 Step 1:
  Gently exfoliate your legs in a circular motion to get rid of any dead skin. Then rinse off. 

 Step 2:  
Create a lather of hair conditioner (or shower gel or shave cream) and smooth over a leg. Start at your ankle and work your way up to the top of your thigh so your leg is covered in conditioner or cream. 

 Step 3:
Prop your foot on ledge of tub or against the wall of the shower, so leg is bent and you can reach more easily . Begin shaving. Start at your ankle and slide the razor up to your knee with medium pressure (you don't need to press very hard). Rinse the razor off in between strokes. Shave against the hair growth to achieve the closest shave possible. 

Step 4:
  Repeat using long upward strokes until you have gone all the way around the lower part of your leg. 

Step 5:
  Now Shave the top of your thigh, making upward strokes. On the back of your thigh, glide your hand in various directions to feel which way the hair is going. Shave against the grain (in the opposite direction that the hair is growing). 

Step 6:  
Now carefully shave your knee area. This is the hardest part to get. Shave in various directions with knee bent, then straighten knee and carefully go over again. 

Step 7:
  Repeat with other leg.  

Step 8:
  After getting out of the shower, pat excess water from your legs but don't dry off completely. 
While legs are still somewhat moist, generously apply a lotion.  

Tips &Warnings:  Rinse your razor thoroughly to keep build up of residue which dulls the blade. Go slow and carefully to avoid nicks and cuts. If you wait until the end of a long shower, your skin will be a little more swollen, so you won't get as close a shave. If you shave when you first get in the shower, you won’t get as close a shave because the hair will be more coarse and more susceptible to razor burn. Never use a dull razor!post signature
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